5 Reasons You Should Join SweatNET Right Now

SweatNET provides the resources needed to support your health journey with a community of incredible members to keep you motivated. 

We’re sharing five reasons to become a SweatNET member right now!

  • 1. Your workout routine will never be boring with SweatNET’s wide variety of classes and locations. Many fitness series rotate the type and level of workout weekly.

  • 2. SweatNET’s fitness community gets you access to local deals from health & wellness businesses, podcasts and recipes.

  • 3. SweatNET partners with tons of local studios and instructors. You can feel good about supporting independent gyms and learning from up-and-coming instructors.

  • 4. Ballantyne’s Fitness at 11 series allows SweatNET members to work out twice a week in Ballantyne’s Backyard. Join Power Afterhours, a rotating barre, dance, pound or HIIT class every Thursday and Yoga & Mimosas every Saturday at 10 a.m. Just bring a mat, water bottle and photo ID.

  • 5. goBallantyne app users get a FREE, one-month membership when they sign up with SweatNET. Check the Deals section of the app for an exclusive code to use at checkout.

SweatNET memberships are only $9.95/month. If accessing weekly events, studio & partner deals, classes on demand and free downloadable resources isn’t your thing, no big deal! You can still sign up for Fitness at 11 in Ballantyne’s Backyard for $15-20/per class. Check out upcoming Power Afterhours and Yoga & Mimosa events before they fill up.

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