Air Quality 101 Recap

Did you know that cars are the number one source of air pollution in our city? BCP tenants learned this and more at the complimentary lunch seminar, Air Quality 101, on June 15. Mecklenburg County Land Use and Environmental Services Agency’s Shelley Lanham shared informative facts about air pollution, the quality of the air in our region and practical solutions for keeping our air clean. Take time to educate yourself by viewing Shelley’s presentation.

Want to help prevent air pollution in our city? Take on Charlotte Air AwarenessClean Commute Challenge now through July 31 and enter for a chance to win the grand prize of a home automation kit, including a Nest Thermostat, Google Home and an Apple Watch.

Thank you to Shelley for presenting on air quality, Charlotte Air Awareness for providing information on how to keep our air clean and b.good for catering a delicious lunch!

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