Ballantyne Area Food for Thought: Something New Recap

Food is one of my hobbies. Although nothing makes me happier than hearing, “Ma’am your order is ready,” I usually pack a lunch for work.

Bringing my lunch allows me to eat at my desk if work gets busy and control what I eat. Even though it works for me, I decided to venture out more and try new restaurants in the Ballantyne area. I’m so glad I made that decision.

American: Burger 21

First of all, the fries were everything I hoped for and more. They were seasoned just right and I had way too much fun with the sauces. The chipotle mayo was my favorite. In addition to the half and half order of fries, I enjoyed the caprese chicken burger, which was the burger of the month. It’s no longer on the menu, which breaks my heart. I already have plans to order the chicken parmesan burger for my next visit.

Italian/Pasta: Lorenzo’s Pizzeria

As soon as I walked in, I felt at home. The restaurant has a nice comfy feel to it. Since I’m on a mission to lose ten pounds, I decided to go with a salad. I’m unable to give up my love for bread, so I ordered garlic knots as well. Rosa welcomed me, and when I told her that I was a first-timer, she told me I had to try the pizza. I told her that I would come back and try it another time. After she told me about grandma’s pie, I knew I couldn’t leave without experiencing it. She gave me a slice while I waited for the rest of my food and it was delicious. (I have the tendency to ignore my weight loss goal). The service and food were awesome. I’ll be back for more grandma’s pie.

Greek: Kabob Grill

As planned, I ordered the vegetarian platter from Kabob Grill. To be honest, I had no idea what to try, other than the falafel and potato harra. Beyond that, I was stumped. The waiter said he would surprise me with two other selections to complete my platter. He came back with tabbouleh salad and hummus. I liked everything, except the tabbouleh salad. He said it was an acquired taste and I agreed. Next time I try the vegetarian platter, I’ll substitute the tabbouleh salad for the yogurt cucumber salad or mijaddara.

Mexican: Cantina 1511

If you read the first post, you know that I wanted to get a chimichanga or enchiladas de pollo. Unfortunately, I could not help myself from going with my usual, a quesadilla. The grilled wild mushroom quesadilla was mouth-watering. The chips and salsa were also amazing.

Each restaurant is a member of the BCP program. Find out how you can save with your BCP Card. If you have any suggestions for restaurants in the Ballantyne area that I should try, email me. I would like to get out more and see what else the Ballantyne area has to offer during my lunch break!

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