Explore Ballantyne’s Fit Trail

Located in the wooded area off of Ballantyne Corporate Place and behind Ballantyne Three, the Fit Trail is a free amenity for all to use. The trail is made from crushed recycled concrete material topped with limestone, known to be easier on joints. Jog, walk or bike roughly three-quarters of a mile round trip.

The Fit Trail provides a balanced program of total fitness conditioning for all ages and fitness levels. Each exercise station along the trail includes a fully illustrated instructional piece. The routine includes exercises for flexibility, cardiovascular conditioning, muscle strength training and muscle endurance. Get a well-balanced conditioning program by jogging or briskly walking through the system and performing the exercise routine.

Fit Trail Stations:

1. Calf Stretch
. Upper Hamstring Stretch and Side Stretch
3. Hamstring Stretch and Quadriceps Stretch
4. Sit Up and Leg Raise
5. Knee Lift and Toe Raise
6. Bent Knee Hang
7. Quadriceps Climb and Quadriceps Sit
8. Pull Up
9. Upward Stretch
10. Leg Stretch and Push Up
11. Hand Walk and Body Dip
12. Body Raise and Reverse Pull Up
13. Shoulder Squeeze
14. Bar Jump
15. Body Tuck and Sit and Reach
16. Overhead Ladder
17. Side Bend
18. Balance Walk
19. Hamstring Pull and Life and Drop
20. Tension Release

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