BCP Tenants Enjoy Introspective Leadership Lunch and Learn

On July 20, Bissell hosted a complimentary lunch seminar for Ballantyne Corporate Park tenants, where attendees learned the intimate connection between personal and professional success, and how to achieve both. 

Dan Markin, author of The Power of How and president of The Dan Markin Company, shared tips on how to be a better leader, including – dream it before you achieve it, pursue it relentlessly and surround yourself with those who believe it.un

“There are two types of people in the world. The ‘how’ people – leaders, innovators and the people we run to in times of crisis. Then there are the ‘if’ people – the sarcastic and cynical. There is no in between.” Markin encouraged attendees to push their natural limits and find what they truly love to do, then work towards that goal.

The seminar was catered by SMOKE Modern BBQ. Visit our Facebook page to view more photos. 

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