CPCC Ballantyne Lunch and Learn

On May 24, Ballantyne Corporate Park tenants attended a free lunch seminar hosted at CPCC Ballantyne where they learned how to practice mindfulness and focus training. 

Colleen Cassel, speaker, trainer and coach with Upstream Solutions shared tips on how to eliminate stress in the workplace, the importance of mental fitness and how to become more productive by taking time to focus on the moment. “When you’re on your way to work, just take a minute or two to focus on one thing and prepare for your day,” said Cassel. 

Practicing mindfulness for just ten minutes each day has been found to improve decision making, productivity, job satisfaction, resilience, and physical health. Test yourself and apply it to your daily routine by making a conscious effort to disconnect from email and turn off notifications, take a couple of deep breaths and stop multi-tasking. It’s never too late to start mental training!  

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