Donate to Support Hurricane Florence Recovery Efforts

Hurricane Florence brought devastation to many individuals and families on the east coast. Please consider donating to one of the following causes to help those affected by this disaster.

American Red Cross
Donate to the American Red Cross hurricane relief fund to help the Red Cross provide food, shelter, comfort and emergency support to people recovering from the damages of the storm.

Samaritan’s Feet
Donate to Samaritan’s Feet to help provide thousands of shoes and socks to people who have lost all clothing due to the hurricane. Please add the note, “disaster relief” to your donation.

Community Blood Center of the Carolinas
Donate blood with Community Blood Center of the Carolinas to help rebuild the blood supply for local patients in need. Many blood drives were canceled due to the hurricane, resulting in a loss of 400 units before the storm hit our area. Donors of all blood types are needed, but type O donors are critically important right now. Blood from type O donors can be safely transfused to most patients, which means it is frequently used in emergency situations.

Every donation makes a difference, and we appreciate your support!

Photo: American Red Cross

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