Endhaven Elementary Students Enjoy HAWK Seminar

On May 26, Endhaven Elementary Girls Engaged in Math and Science (GEMS) Club visited Ballantyne Corporate Park’s Audubon Amphitheater for an outdoor, interactive workshop led by Debbie Foster, founding member of Habitat and Wildlife Keepers (HAWK).

During the one-hour seminar, Foster educated the group of third and fourth grade girls on the importance of a healthy habitat for our environment, gave tips on the proper use of binoculars, and took them on a wildlife hike where they were encouraged to identify three different kinds of habitats and ten living creatures.

The GEMS were delighted to discover an assortment of butterflies, bumblebees, a dragonfly, fish, rabbits, lizards, birds, a nest of bluebird eggs, and a great blue heron, who gracefully soared across the pond to give the girls an up-close preview of its exceptional fishing skills.

The seminar ended with popsicles and an open discussion about birdwatching that covered all of the bird species that can be found right here in Ballantyne Corporate Park.

Want to connect with nature? Contact [email protected] to inquire about reservations for the Audubon Amphitheater. View more photos on our Facebook page.

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