Free Tenant Lunch Seminar: Disciplined Listening with Michael Reddington

Update (2/12/2019): This event is currently filled. Please join us on Facebook for a live stream of the seminar starting at noon, February 20.

Ballantyne tenants are invited to a free tenant lunch seminar, Disciplined Listening: Creating Business Opportunities Through Strategic Observations, led by Michael Reddington, president of Inquasive, on Wednesday, February 20, noon-1 p.m., at Northwood Office.

Michael Reddington leveraged his background in investigations and business expertise to develop the Disciplined Listening Method, which provides executives with the advantages needed to accurately evaluate communication, improve questioning skills, and quickly connect with and influence their counterparts.

The Disciplined Listening Method integrates the key components of four non-confrontational interview and interrogation techniques with current research and best practices to instill the skills necessary to activate the truth.

In this seminar, attendees will learn how to:
• Establish clear, multi-level goals for every interaction
• Create a mindset for maximum observation
• Follow a system to evaluate what you see and hear
• Recognize specific verbal and non-verbal signals of acceptance and resistance
• Influence the context of conversations to increase the accuracy of your observations
• Strengthen relationships with your observations

This seminar is great for executives, managers, small business owners, sales professionals, community leaders and influencers. All will learn skills they can immediately apply to every conversation they have and increase their opportunities to use the truth to their advantage.

Thank you to Zinicola for providing lunch.

About Michael Reddington:
Michael is the president of Inquasive and developer of the Disciplined Listening Method. Michael has conducted hundreds of seminars and trained thousands of participants around the world. He combines his expertise in non-confrontational interview and interrogation techniques and business experience to deliver interactive programs and provide immediate value for attendees and their organizations.

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