Learn the Disciplined Listening Method from Michael Reddington

Disciplined listening is about focusing on the results we want to achieve. Michael Reddington, president of Inquasive, shared how to use the truth to our advantage by using the Disciplined Listening Method at Ballantyne’s tenant lunch seminar on February 20. View takeaways from the seminar below and watch the full presentation on Facebook.

• Disciplined listeners clearly understand how a conversation can help them achieve their long- and short-term goals
• Make sure you have a strategy before entering the conversation
• Be able to adapt from the original plan
• Don’t just focus on words. Evaluate all verbal and nonverbal communication within the context of the situation.
• Maintain a learning mentality.
• Establish a behavioral norm. Ask the person easy questions to see how they respond when they are comfortable and use this behavior as the baseline.
• Observe behavioral clusters. One behavior isn’t enough.
• Identify the trigger that initiated the behavioral cluster.
• Evaluate the context in the situation.
• Context is the most important part. Someone can have the same behavior in a different context and it could produce a different result.

View more takeaways from the presentation.

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