Michael Reddington Shares Tips for Influencing Commitment in the Community

Togetherhood kicked off its speaker series with a seminar about influencing commitment in the community led by Michael Reddington, president of Inquasive, at Sara’s YMCA on January 10.

In this seminar, attendees learned how Michael used his background in investigations and his business expertise to develop the Disciplined Listening Method, which helps companies understand how to get employees committed to the organization’s goals and values.

Here are a few takeaways Michael’s presentation:

• Life is a series of solvable problems. We can focus on the problem or the solution.

• Companies typically face the same obstacles, including budgets, available time, maintaining program continuity, choosing the team’s best idea and getting employee commitment.

• Ask yourself how to turn reasons employees shouldn’t commit to a service project to reasons why they should.

• When presenting an idea to a leader, consider the leader’s point of view first.

• Two reasons company leaders often don’t prioritize community involvement is a lack of awareness or a lack of perceived value.

• Strategically create awareness of the commitment to the community over time (for employees or leaders). Lay the foundation before asking for the commitment.

• Create a team that gives back by asking questions about community involvement during the interview and onboarding processes.

• The information available to us is almost always tied back to the questions we ask.

• Encourage community service as a leadership development opportunity within the company.

• At the core, all community projects are the same. Influence action by focusing on everyone’s common interest in giving back.

If you want Michael to train your team in influencing commitment or disciplined listening, contact [email protected]

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