Mike Abrashoff Shares Management Tips at the Ballantyne Chapter Chamber Luncheon

Mike Abrashoff, former Commander of USS Benfold and author of It’s Your Ship, delivered a special presentation about management and leadership at the Ballantyne Chapter Chamber Luncheon on September 24. Mike shared how he turned one of the Navy’s worst-performing ships into the number one ship by changing his leadership style. View some of the takeaways from Mike’s presentation below, and learn how you can apply them to your “ship.”

  • Get to know your team individually
  • Be open to listening to your team’s ideas
  • Encourage your team to be at least one percent better than yesterday
  • Encourage your team to take ownership by asking, “What would you do?”
  • When people feel empowered, they will take accountability
  • Some of the top reasons people left the navy were that they didn’t feel respected, they didn’t feel like they were being listened to and they didn’t have enough training
  • Your business is dependent upon your people – make sure you’re taking care of your people
  • Before I ask my employees to improve, I must improve myself
  • A great leadership style is excellence without arrogance
  • If something goes wrong, don’t blame the shipmates, look inward
  • There is no one else keeping us from being the best ship except for ourselves
  • Give people validation and recognize the good works they are doing
  • When working with multi-cultural, multi-generational groups, recognize that different people communicate differently
  • Find out what your team is proud of and help them achieve that goal
  • Remember, no ship is perfect


Photo: Jason Paul

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