Route Details for The Shamrock 4-Miler

Please be advised that the Shamrock 4-Miler will be held in Ballantyne on Saturday, March 12. The race will begin and end at StoneCrest Shopping Center, routing westbound on Ballantyne Commons toward Ballantyne Corporate Park from Elm Lane, and looping back toward the finish line at John J. Delaney near the entrance of Ballantyne East Shopping Center. The inner lanes running eastbound and westbound will be closed for race participants, and the outer lanes will remain open to allow through traffic.

The race begins at 8 a.m. and the last participant is expected to be through the turnaround point at John J. Delaney by 9 a.m. CMPD and race volunteers will be posted along the route to assist with traffic control, but please be prepared for minor delays on the east side of Ballantyne Corporate Park during this time.

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