SkillPop’s Budget Like a Boss Virtual Class

It’s the perfect time to explore new hobbies, cultivate skills and connect with our community! Over the last few months, Northwood Office has presented SkillPop classes like Crayola Calligraphy, Introduction to the Enneagram and Navigating LinkedIn.

Financial health is a critical part of overall wellness. In celebration of Ballantyne Wellness Week, Northwood Office is offering free spots to the first few people to register for Budget Like a Boss. On Wednesday, October 28 of Ballantyne Wellness Week, Bernadette Joy from Crush Your Money Goals is leading SkillPop’s Budget Like a Boss virtual class.

Learn how to build your monthly budget to achieve your financial goals. Bernadette will start with busting some of the myths around budgeting, then go step-by-step through the tools you need to build a budget, give tips on how to better organize your finances, and share her real-life budget and debt-free success story!

Participants are encouraged to sign up for a free account on before class. You’ll want to have your preferred method of note-taking ready for class.

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