Stress Less America Recap

We can’t avoid stress, but that’s nothing to worry about. In our tenant lunch seminar on March 1 titled “Stress Less America,” Dr. Kyle Loveless of Queen City Health Center explained the three different categories of stress to help us understand where stress comes from and how we can properly manage it.

The three different types of stress are physical, emotional and chemical stress. Physical stress is caused from situations like car accidents, surgeries, injuries and posture. One of the biggest physical stressors in America is prolonged sitting, something many Americans face daily. Once you handle your physical stress, you can start to tackle your emotional and chemical stress.

Emotional stress is caused by many experiences, but a few examples are weddings, promotions, buying a home, having a baby and the holidays. Of course, many of these life experiences are good, but they can cause a lot of stress, which can take a toll on your health.

Chemical stress involves decisions that are obviously unhealthier for us. Chemical stressors include fast food, caffeine, alcohol and even medications. Solutions for chemical stress vary person by person, so if you have concerns, reach out to a professional.

It’s important to learn about stress and the effects it has on your body. Stress can lead to high blood pressure and heart disease – the number one killer in America. However, there are ways to manage your stress and lower the risk of these health concerns.

Dr. Loveless shared five factors to health in a simple acronym – DREAM.

DIET – Try removing things like pasta, bread and white sugar from your diet and add more water. Dr. Loveless suggests drinking half of your body weight in water.

REST – Sleep is the only chance our organs have to regenerate. Therefore, try getting at least 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep without using sleep medications.

EXERCISE – Dr. Loveless suggests high-intensity, short-duration exercises. Look up HIIT exercises for examples.

ALIGNMENT – Poor posture can lead to serious health concerns with the heart and lungs. Try taking a deep breath with your shoulders hunched and another deep breath sitting straight up. It’s much easier to breath with good posture.

MINDSET – If you look at stress as something that is going to give you heart disease and kill you, that is what it will do. If you look at stress as something that challenges you to be better and have a greater impact on your world, that is what it will do. Stay positive!

View bullet points from the Dr. Loveless’ presentation.

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