Togetherhood Speaker Series: Influence Commitment in the Community

Research studies have confirmed that employees feel stronger about working for organizations that give back to their communities and share a similar value system. The biggest challenge organizations often face is mobilizing and creating long term commitment from a workforce with conflicting philanthropic interests and competing priorities.

Learn how to get employees engaged in your company’s community efforts by joining this month’s Togetherhood Speaker Series, Influencing Commitment in the Community, led by Michael Reddington, president of Inquasive and developer of the The Disciplined Listening Method, on January 10, 11 a.m., at Sara’s YMCA.

In this seminar, you will learn how to mobilize your employees to get involved in giving back to the community through a combination of interactive discussion, lecture and videos.

Lessons Include:
• A strategic approach to understanding employee perspectives
• Aligning community outreach programs with employee self-images
• Increasing your influence within the organization and community
• Maximizing persuasive communications
• Generating commitment over compliance

Who Should Attend:
Human Resource Executives, department managers, business owners and community liaisons will all learn skills and techniques they can immediately employ to improve their ability to drive community commitment within their organizations.

RSVP is required by emailing Angelina Buess at [email protected] by January 9.

About Michael Reddington:
Michael is the president of Inquasive and developer of the Disciplined Listening Method. Michael has conducted hundreds of seminars and trained thousands of participants around the world. He combines his expertise in non-confrontational interview and interrogation techniques and business experience to deliver interactive programs and provide immediate value for attendees and their organizations.

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