Ways to Stay Fit in Ballantyne

Warm weather is the perfect time for picnics, cookouts, parties and great food. If you’re committed to staying in shape this summer, BCP has you covered!

Fitness trainer at The Ballantyne Hotel & Lodge Nicholas Bucci recommends staying hydrated. Start your day with 20 ounces of water before 9 a.m. Personal trainers are available on-site with specialties in weight loss, golf fitness, pre/post-natal fitness and more. The Ballantyne is also offering a summer shredder bootcamp July 12 to August 6 to help you get ready for the beach.

Visiting the gym on a regular basis will contribute to physical wellness. Sara’s YMCA is conveniently located in Ballantyne Corporate Park. The staff shared tips to use outside of the gym – including working out on the BCP Fit Trail and saving half of your lunch for the next day to prevent overeating. 

BCP wishes you a safe and healthy summer. Don’t give up on your fitness goals! 

View more photos that illustrate tips from The Ballantyne and Sara’s YMCA on our Facebook page

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