Join a Dynamic Community

Creating Environments that Inspire

Ballantyne is an internationally recognized 535-acre campus featuring 4.5 million square feet of high-performance office space for lease in Charlotte, North Carolina owned and managed by Northwood Office. Our team focuses on what matters most – quality, productivity, flexibility and community.

Capitalize on Ballantyne’s convenient location, which is in the heart of Charlotte’s highest concentration of college-educated employees and offers easy access to all of the area’s amenities.

Abundant open natural spaces, top-notch service and convenient amenities, plus a vibrant sense of community through exclusive perks, wellness activities, signature events and charitable drives, powered by one owner all contribute to Ballantyne’s establishment as a special place.

Providing a safe, healthy and comfortable workplace setting at Ballantyne is our commitment. Our team is taking a proactive approach in considering all aspects to help drive success in a post-pandemic world. Learn more about recent enhancements.

Leasing Inquiries: 704.248.2071