Ballantyne Reimagined

Creating a more urban, walkable community.

From a six-acre Stream Park to a vibrant amphitheater and retail district, the Ballantyne® campus is evolving as a destination while continuing to be an economic driver for the entire region.

Rendering of The Bowl at Ballantyne at night
Ballantyne Master Plan

The Project

A grand vision for the future of place.

Located east of The Ballantyne, A Luxury Collection Hotel, Charlotte, the first phase of construction will focus on evolving the Ballantyne community as a great destination to enjoy life in a high-quality urban community. With time as our most valuable resource, the Ballantyne campus is setting a new standard for “place” – for life made better and more manageable.

Our Partners

Planning for what matters most.

Northwood has partnered with renowned experts whose collective creativity, prowess and penchant for designing thoughtful experiences are indicative in the detailed planning behind Ballantyne Reimagined.


Construction Underway

The Bowl at Ballantyne™

Explore the new dining and retail district.
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Aerial graphic of phases of Ballantyne Reimagined project


The Bowl at Ballantyne™, Residential Units, Stream Park, Amphitheater, Five New Roads and a Greenway Connection

Aerial graphic of phases of Ballantyne Reimagined project

6-12 Years

Residential Units, Office Space

Aerial graphic of phases of Ballantyne Reimagined project

Future Phase

If light rail or other major transportation improvements were to come to Ballantyne, other potential developments might be available upon further study.