Excellence in Sustainability

The Ballantyne® campus has decades of commitment to green-friendly development and business practices which helped earn Northwood Office the ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year Award two years in a row.

Pond and Cullman Park
Ballantyne Buildings


Master-Planned Commitment

Long stewards of the environment, the Ballantyne community remains committed to sustainable business practices. Northwood continues to evaluate energy management, water conservation, recycling efforts and more to ensure we implement the most effective and environmentally-friendly procedures.

Costar drone photo of Overlook Building

By the Numbers

Sustainability Snapshot

  • 2.5M SF Leed® Certified Space
  • ALL Buildings are ENERGY STAR® Certified
  • 24 Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
  • 10 Parking Decks with 100% LED Lighting
  • 60+ Eastern Bluebird Nesting Boxes for Safe Nesting Environment
  • 85% Suspended Solids Eliminated from Storm Water Runoff
Ballantyne Bees

Ballantyne Apiary

Honeybee Hives

800,000 bees have produced 400 pounds of honey.

Ballantyne's Backyard is home to 12 honeybee hives. The apiary is maintained by certified beekeeper Robert Suydam of the Mecklenburg County Beekeepers Association (MCBA). Ballantyne wildflower honey can be found at Northwood’s community events, Ballantyne® campus hotels and online.

Bluebird image

Bluebird Boxes

Nesting Program

Northwood has teamed up with Davidson University and Queens University to relocate or install 75 Eastern Bluebird nesting boxes across the Ballantyne campus to provide a safe nesting environment. The student programs regularly monitor the bluebird boxes and report back their findings.


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