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Give Back To Local Families
The organization was founded by neighbors inspired to provide food assistance to students and their families in need.
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Current Happenings

Ballantyne Families Helping Neighbors in Need exemplifies how neighbors can come together to support and uplift one another.

Ballantyne Families Helping Neighbors in Need (BFHNN) is a local organization that has made a substantial impact in the broader community since its establishment in 2020. This organization was founded by a group of compassionate neighbors inspired to provide food assistance to students and their families in need.

At the core of BFHNN's mission is the aim to extend support to families within the Ardrey Kell community who are grappling with financial hardships, food insecurity and other challenges. Through a series of well-thought-out initiatives, the organization endeavors to ensure that families affiliated with the nine feeder schools of Ardrey Kell have the necessary resources and support to navigate through the school year and breaks successfully.

The Summer Giving Campaign allows donors to sponsor a grocery gift card in an amount determined by the family's size. BFHNN aims to have 100% of families supported via SignUpGenius by Friday, May 3. Plus, double your impact when you sponsor a family for the summer by Tuesday, April 30.

Community members can contribute and help the organization expand its impact and reach in a variety of ways. Some of the key programs and opportunities for involvement include:

volunteering at the food pantry
fulfilling needed items
from the organization's Amazon Wishlist
facilitating connections with corporate partners
toward the Summer Giving Campaign
spreading awareness
and support for the organization on social media platforms

Visit Ballantyne Families Helping Neighbors in Need's website or Facebook to learn more about how you can get involved or contribute to the organization's initiatives to help community members in need.


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