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New Workplace Wellness Options at Ballantyne
Employees in the Ballantyne community can look forward to taking advantage of these new offerings and taking steps toward a healthier and more balanced lifestyle this spring.
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Campus Announcements

Upcoming Spring Activity Series

Northwood Office is excited to announce three new series for its Ballantyne® campus customers to enjoy this spring. These new offerings are part of the firm's ongoing commitment to provide innovative and memorable experiences for those who work within the vibrant Ballantyne community.

Ballantyne Breaks

The first new series, Ballantyne Breaks, offers employees an opportunity to take a midday respite and recharge. The drop-in series includes air dry clay, making terrariums and a wellness activity with goats! These short breaks are intended to provide a mental and physical reset for employees and improve productivity in the workplace.

March 12 | Air Dry Clay Craft
April 9 | Terrarium Craft
May 14 | Goat Therapy

Wellness Weeks

The April series promotes health and wellness among Ballantyne customers. Employees can participate in personal fitness classes, wellness walks and health workshops Tuesday through Thursday weekly. The Ballantyne campus community is encouraged to prioritize their health and make positive lifestyle choices with the help of amenities and activities offered by Northwood.

Tuesdays | Personal Training
Wednesdays | Wellness Walks
Thursdays | Healthy Living Courses

Refresh Stations

In addition, Northwood Office is introducing Refresh Stations throughout the Ballantyne campus later this spring. These stations will be located in various outdoor areas, providing employees with a space to relax and rejuvenate with a special treat. Each Refresh Station will offer comfortable seating, outdoor games and complimentary refreshments for employees to enjoy during their breaks.

Starting late spring; more details to come.

From creative crafts to wellness activities to relaxing outdoor spaces, Northwood Office's new series' are sure to enhance the overall experience for Ballantyne campus customers this spring. These offerings aim to promote work-life balance and foster a sense of community among employees in the Ballantyne area.

With the launch of Ballantyne Breaks, Wellness Weeks, and Refresh Stations, Northwood Office continues to demonstrate its dedication to creating a dynamic and engaging workplace environment for its customers.


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