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Murals in Ballantyne
Check out several new murals that were installed as part of our CREATE Ballantyne partnership with Blumenthal Arts and Art Pop Street Gallery!
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New art in the area

When visiting The Amp, you might notice several new murals that were installed earlier this fall!

Four murals painted live during Charlotte Arts Fest decorate a tunnel connecting Ballantyne’s Backyard to The Bowl along the new Upper Avenue. The colorful murals feature elements representing Ballantyne today and into the future. The tunnel was painted in four sections by various artists. Check their social media pages below:
1. Yellow: @cheeks.clt and @fiberess
2. Blue: @lmnbck
3. Pink: @hninstagram
4. Purple: @dead_folks

Another mural, Welcome to Ballantyne, was also painted by @cheeks.clt in VR earlier this year and has been installed on the concession building at The Amp.

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