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Education, events and partnerships matter in creating a more compassionate and inclusive community.

The Cabo Fish Taco Ballantyne team members and others are making a significant impact on Charlotte's disability community through their dedication to inclusivity and empowerment.

  • Kitchen manager Ryan Costin's work at Gigi's Playhouse, teaching students meal-preparation skills, highlights the restaurant's commitment to supporting individuals with disabilities.
  • Co-owner Craig Calcasola's leadership in initiatives like the Taco Dash 5K road race reflects a goal of providing opportunities and promoting acceptance for individuals with disabilities.
  • The partnership with Cakeable, a bakery founded by Renee Ratcliffe, further demonstrates Cabo Fish Taco's dedication to creating a more inclusive and supportive community for all.

These collaborative efforts showcase that every ingredient, whether through education, events or partnerships, matters in creating a more compassionate and inclusive environment for everyone in the community.

Read the full magazine feature to meet more of our community's purpose-driven people.



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